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Bernhard Scholz is a Full Professor in the School of Computer Science at The University of Sydney. His research interests are in Programming Language Research.

Prof Scholz is the creator of Souffle, a Datalog language that is mainly used for static program analysis by companies such as Oracle to find security bugs in Java JDK and check the correctness of Amazon’s VPC networks.

Prof Scholz co-founded the SUN Microsystems Labs in Brisbane. He co-initiated the bug-checking tool Parfait, a de facto tool used by thousands of Oracle developers for bug and vulnerability detection in real-world, commercially sized C/C++/Java applications.

Prof Scholz introduced the Partitioned Boolean Quadratic Problem (PBQP) for compiler construction with his students. It is employed by compilers such as LLVM for register allocation.

Before joining The University of Sydney, he worked for the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna in academic/research roles. He has held various visiting professorships at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, Yonsei University, South Korea, at the Sun Microsystems Laboratories, and Oracle Labs.

He has taken a leave of absence to work full-time for the blockchain foundation Fantom as a chief research officer. Prof. Scholz’s blockchain research focuses on smart-contract execution, security, and performance.

Mailing Address

Dr. Bernhard SCHOLZ
School of Computer Science
Building J12
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006

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Room: SIT Building J12, Room 352
Tel.: +61 2 9351 4216
Fax: +61 2 9351 3838