My research interests are in programming languages and compilers. In particular, I have been working on static program analysis and building compilers and programming language tools for embedded systems and parallel computers. I have been working on the following research topics

  • static program analysis with first-order logic,

  • stream programming for parallel computing,

  • query languages for wireless sensor networks,

  • automatic detection of bugs in large-scale C/C++ systems code,

  • compiler optimisations for embedded systems as a partitioned boolean quadratic programming problem including register allocation, instruction selection, bank selection and address mode generation, and

  • symbolic analysis, which is a static program analysis technique that employs symbolic expressions to describe a program’s computations as algebraic formulae over the program’s problem space.

Current Postgraduate Students

  • Nicholas Hollingum, PhD Candidate
  • Yousun Ko, PhD Candidate (Cotutelle Student with Yonsei University)

Former Postgraduate Students

  • Vasvi Kakkad, PhD 2015, Curracurrong: A Stream Processing System for Distributed Environments
  • Paul Subotic, MPhil 2014, Applying Elimination-Based Algorithms to Abstract Interpretation
  • S. M. Farhad, PhD 2013, Orchestration of Stream Graphs on Multicores
  • Lang Hames, PhD 2012, Specification Driven Register Allocation
  • Surinder Jain, MPhil 2011, Detecting Buffer Overflows in Imperative Programs
  • Saeed Attar, MPhil 2010, Cascade: Design and Implementation of a Stream Programming Environment for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Stefan Schaefer, MPhil, 2005, Aspects of Embedded Systems

Former PostDocs

  • Andrew Santosa, PostDoc, 2/2011-11/2012
  • Thomas Gawlitza, PostDoc, 9/2011-8/2012
  • Bernd Burgstaller, PostDoc, 7/2005-8/2007
  • Mohamed Medhat Gaber, PostDoc, 8/2006- 2007/3

Honours Students and 4th-year EE Students

  • George Karpenkov, Honours 2012, Bug-Checking through Static Analysis Techniques within the LLVM-framework
  • Carlo Zancanaro, Honours 2012, Implementing and Evaluating a Strategy-Iteration Based Static Analyser within the LLVM framework
  • Nicholas Hollingum, Honours, 2011, Fault Tolerance for Cloud-Based Streaming Programs
  • Vitalik Nikolyenko, Honours, 2011, Instruction Scheduling using Convex Optimization
  • Dominic Balasuriya, Honours student, 2010, Accelerating the Execution of Matrix Languages on Multi-Cores and GPGPUs
  • Raymes Khoury, Honours student, 2009, Accelerating the Execution of Matrix Languages on the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
  • Justin Byrnes, 4th EE student, 2008, Programming the Cell Processor with the PlayStation 3
  • David Goswell, 4th EE student, 2008, Programming the General Purpose Graphical processing units
  • Quan H. Nguyen, 4th EE student, 2005, A Unified Approach for SSA Algorithms
  • Darren Kwok, Honours student, 2006, Speculative Partial Redundancy Elimination
  • David Blaikie, Honours student, 2005, SSA-Graph driven Instruction Selection with Partitioned Boolean Quadratic Programming
  • Lang Hames, Honours student, 2005, Register Allocation for Irregular Architectures
  • Harry Beeche, Honours Student, 2004, Minimising Bank Selection for Embedded Processors

Acquired Grants

  • Finding Concurrency Bugs in Multithreaded Software, with J. Xue, Australian Research Council, Discovery Project, Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2015.
  • Programming Many-Cores, with V. Gramoli, Major Equipment Scheme, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Sydney, 2013.
  • Research Donation: Program Analysis, Oracle Labs funded Lecturer position, Sept. 2011- Aug. 2013
  • Computing with Nearly Consistent Data, with A. Fekete, Australian Research Council, Discovery Project, Jan. 2010 - Dec. 2012.
  • Distributed Data Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks, with S. Selvadurai, U. Roehm, Australian Research Council, Discovery Project, Jan. 2006 - Dec. 2008.
  • Compilation Techniques for Embedded Systems, Sole Chief Investigator, Australian Research Council, Discovery Project, Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2007.
  • Just-In-Time Code Generation, Sole Chief Investigator, SUN Grant, Industrial Collaboration with Sun Microsystems Research Labs, CA, Sep. 2004 - Oct. 2006.
  • Speculative Partial Redundancy Elimination, Sole Chief Investigator, R&D Grant Scheme, University of Sydney Grant, Competitive Funding, Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2005.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, with Selvakennedy Selvadurai, Albert Zomaya, Uwe Roehm, Tasos Viglas, ARC EII Taskforce, Jul. 2005 - Feb. 2006.